24th December, 2013| News

As the year draws to a close we look back at what were predicted to be the big 2013 food trends and see whether they lived up to expectations?

2013 food trends

The taste of home food trend

Prediction – Taste of Home
As the recession continued to bite at the start of the year the ‘Taste of Home’ food trend was expected to come to the fore. Offering the safety and security of the home, consumers were predicted to be drawn towards traditional meals such as the Sunday Roast and other comfort foods.
Outcome – The increase of retro brands (Phileas Fogg, Funny feet ice cream) coming back to the market was a sign of this trend taking hold.

Fair trade food
Fair trade food

Prediction – Conscience Food
People’s awareness of their wider surroundings and the impact on the environment led to the emergence of “Conscience Food”. This was characterised by shoppers being against the idea of big multinational brands and moving towards transparent companies and local produce.
Outcome – Organic and Fairtrade are both in growth (3% and 12% respectively) showing that this is a trend that could be set to continue into 2014.

Prediction – Urban food would continue to be popular

The rise of the pop-up
The rise of the pop-up

Outcome – The continued emergence of pop-up restaurants taking hold across the UK’s towns and cities. Driven by American and Asian food, these have been successful as consumers are feeling time pressured and looking for convenience that will excite them.

So we can see that these 2013 food trends were accurately predicted – some more than others – but they had a common theme in that they were the right fit for the consumer of 2013 who was after:
• value for money
• openness and transparency in what they buy
• feel good comfort
• ability to do things “my way”
• Foods that save time and improves work, life balance.

As with 2013, the predicted food trends for 2014 will be determined by the shopper and what is important to an increasingly demanding and savvy consumer.

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