2nd January, 2015| News

At the start of 2014 we posted a blog with some bold predictions about what would be the biggest trends in food and drink for the year.
With 2014 now in the rear-view mirror, Ian Millar, one of our Category Insight Managers looks back to see which (if any) of these predictions came to fruition and does a 2014 food trends round-up.

2014 food trends round-up

An area that was a focus throughout the month of July as the World Cup was played across South America’s largest country and we saw a number of Brazilian-themed products hit the shelves during this time.
Outcome? The expected increase in Brazilian cuts of meat didn’t land on the supermarket shelves, but as a trend it is still hot. With the Olympics to come, will be sure to continue in the next couple of years


Very much a theme that has been embraced more in restaurants than in supermarkets, but with the natural-led and simple ingredients, alongside with a rise in Organic and Health led trends, Scandinavian should be adopted sooner rather than later.

Simple & Natural

After the horsemeat scandal in early 2013, shoppers were questioning more and more what was in their food. Alongside this, more people are watching what they are putting into their bodies as other ingredients come under the spotlight (e.g. sugar).
Outcome? As such the emergence of “free-from” ranges in categories and stores has become more and more prominent as both supermarkets and restaurants are now offering free-from options.

Back to the Future

One trend that very much came into fruition in 2014 and looks set to continue on into 2015. Be it the retro packs of cereal or sales of old favourites like Arctic Roll; retro is very much in and very much set to stay.
Outcome? Linked with the trend of fusing different flavour together, old favourites like Popcorn and Marshmallows are being fused with wild and whacky flavours as the line between sweet and savoury becomes increasingly blurred

So there ends our 2014 food trends round-up. It’s been an interesting year and we look forward to the next. We’ll shortly be giving you our run-down of the trends for 2015.