10th February, 2014| News

2014 is well underway and we’ve not yet published our blog post about this year’s food trends. So if you’ll excuse our tardiness, here’s our look ahead to look at what some of the key food and drink trends are expected to be for 2014.

2014 food trends

Prediction – Brazilian

With the eyes of the sporting world focused on Brazil for the upcoming World Cup and Olympics double header, expect to see an increased number of manufacturers launching Brazilian-themed variants. The continued emergence of Rodizio restaurants and wines from the South American region will become increasingly popular as the year progresses.

Prediction- Scandinavian

With simple and natural-led ingredients and foods, the impact of the Scandinavian region on food and drink in 2014 is sure to grow. Their way of life and diet also falls neatly into one of the other 2014 food trends, ‘Simple & Natural’, which will likely lead to an increased presence of Scandinavian food on shelves and in restaurants over the year.

Prediction – Simple & Natural

A trend that started to emerge in 2013 and one that is expected to gain more traction in 2014 has been driven by shoppers questioning what is in their food. Therefore people are looking for simple flavours and textures that give a “natural” taste to food. Cooking techniques such as Smoked, Aged and Dried will be the drivers of this trend

Prediction – Back to the Future

2013 saw shoppers pining after products from their youth which led to the “retro brands” coming back onto the market (see our 2013 food trends blog). It’s looking like we’ll continue to see people harking back to the past, but with a modern twist. Celebrity Chefs such as Heston Blumenthal have been at the forefront of this. Another of the food trends to watch throughout 2014.

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