Traceability & transparency

Our business boasts a significant technical team, with specialism in animal welfare and farm auditing. This enables us to understand not only the needs of our customers but also the farmers with whom we work throughout Europe – many of whom are ring-fenced for specific customers.


From start...

Reassuringly traceable Image

Reassuringly traceable

Through our live, data-sharing platform we are able to trace all products back to source and also instantly retrieve information about any part of the supply chain – thereby ensuring full visibility for customers at all times

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Initiative reporting

Regular reports from our growers and farmers enable us to capture data on current initiatives and projects such as:

* Worker welfare
* Water and waste reduction
* Developing biodiverse growing environments

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Independently audited

In addition, continual and independent auditing of our farms, abattoirs and transport is carried out by an international certification body against our European Farm Partnership standards. This third-party system is linked directly with BRC and SEDEX, providing us with instant updates on status and certification.


...To Finish

Manufactured to meet your requirements Image

Manufactured to meet your requirements

In the UK, we have two BRC-rated AA+ manufacturing sites that offer versatility in packing, from single pots in a variety of serving sizes to mixed platter production, via hand or machine.

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Complete transparency

Vertical integration across the entire production process ensures complete transparency of the end-to-end supply chain, not only regarding the products themselves but also labour and environmental issues.

We are a member of SEDEX and a Stronger Together partner, committed to tackling hidden labour exploitation in our supply chain.


Value-Added supply partner

How do we add real value? By being an integral part of the entire process and truly understanding our suppliers, categories, customers and consumers.

Comprehending consumers

From our solid understanding of what consumers want, we are constantly working to grow categories by gaining even deeper insight – from trends, to gaps in category offerings and how we can increase both customer penetration and spend per shopper.

This is achieved through:
– Access to store sales, category and big market data
– Polling and surveying consumers from given target audiences.

Driving performance for our partners

Our in-depth knowledge and long-established control across the entire supply chain ensures not only optimum efficiency, but also provides the following benefits for our customers

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With a flexible supply chain, we can respond quickly to changing customer needs

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Database mapping of all our production sites ensures complete traceability

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Long-held relationships with our production sites mean that they are very much a part of the journey

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Access to our market-leading supply, planning and forecasting data

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Low-cost logistics due to our consolidated Europe-wide transport system across c.120 production sites

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We always choose a production site that meets requirements, whether for cost-effective production, or innovative product design and development

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Optimum production processes are assured due to rigorous testing and auditing by our technical experts