11th October, 2018| Animal Welfare

Two weeks ago Maria and Louisa from our Farm Assurance and Welfare team attended the Animal Welfare Officer (AWO) and Poultry Welfare Officer (PWO) courses run by University of Bristol, Veterinary School at Langford.   Our WD Farm Assurance managers, key personnel from our production partners and our independent auditors (KIWA Agri-Food) are committed to participating in this external training every 3 years.

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The AWO course is run by Andy Grist (Teaching Fellow in Veterinary Public Health) and Dr Claire White (Specialist Veterinary Manager). Andy has worked at Bristol for 12 years and Claire for 2 years.

Brilliant course. Some very detailed information but the presenters keep it very interesting and everyone engaged. Highly recommend

Summary of the AWO course:

  • Legislation
  • Cattle, Pigs, Sheep
  • Animal Behaviour
  • Meat Quality
  • Animal Transport
  • Lairaging and stockmanship
  • Restraint
  • Stunning and slaughter – electric, gas, sticking
  • Religious slaughter and casualty slaughter

Andy Grist and Dr Claire White are joined by Steve Wotton (Research Associate and MBE) to run the PWO course. Steve worked at Bristol for 44 years and is another expert in his field.

A summary of the PWO course:

  • Legislation
  • Catching poultry
  • Transport, hygiene, off loading
  • Lairage environment & reception
  • Hang-on stun
  • Water bath electric stunning
  • Modified atmosphere killing
  • Casualty stunning

Both courses are widely recognised and a requirement to supply some retailers.  With a wide relevance for a number of attendees such as: retailers, abattoir personnel, auditors, official vets, farmers, manufacturers,  transporters, NGOs and students,  the course attracts worldwide attendance.  Course duration is 2 days long with dinner on night one to enable further discussions and networking.

Fantastic overview and technical application of legal requirements which I will use at slaughter houses.

The current course commenced in 2012 and is based on the EU legislation (EC 1099/2009). Upon successful completion of the course delegates are provided with a certificate of competence. The training course content is reviewed on a regular basis to ensure the it is based upon current legislation and both courses are very interactive with audience discussion, break out groups and includes videos, photos, equipment demonstrations and real life situations.

At the end of each course the content is provided on a memory stick for future reference and Bristol University provide continued support after the course if there is any further follow-up .

If you’re interested in attending, or would like further information please contact:

Grace Grist
Abattoir Group Technician
University of Bristol, School of Veterinary Sciences
Langford House, Langford
BS40 5DU
e: grace.grist@bristol.ac.uk
t: 0117 92 89684
m: 07815 000077