8th August, 2017| News

As part of our continued commitment to enhancing our contribution to the local community, Winterbotham Darby are working in partnership with East Surrey College and have just appointed our first apprentice, who will be working towards a Level 3 AAT qualification within our busy Finance department.

With changing government legislation and the need to build our talent pipeline, apprenticeships are an investment in our future; focusing our training on the skills we need.

Apprenticeships give young people a different route to employment, rather than through traditional university and graduate entry. We are making use of the new apprenticeship standards, designed by ‘Trailblazer’ employers which now offer more academic courses enabling learners to achieve degree-standard equivalent qualifications whilst earning a living and building their independence.

Our Senior HR Advisor Jacqui Fowler said,

“The mix of both academic and on the job learning will give our apprentices academic skills and knowledge, alongside their professional development. This could build our internal learning culture and expand our competitive advantage in the future.”

Establishing and building our apprenticeship scheme will reflect our core business values of Excellence – constantly striving or the best, ‘Win-Win’ – benefit for the customer and us, Resourcefulness – treating money as if it’s our own, Innovation – continuously creating innovative solutions and Expertise – gaining and sharing knowledge.

By making best use of apprenticeships schemes, Winterbotham Darby hopes to achieve long term engagement and retention of staff, whilst providing the opportunity for partnerships with local colleges and people, giving them the skills they need for the jobs of the future.