Animal welfare training

Two weeks ago Maria and Louisa from our Farm Assurance and Welfare team attended the Animal Welfare Officer (AWO) and Poultry Welfare Officer (PWO) courses run by University of Bristol, Veterinary School at Langford.   Our WD Farm Assurance managers, key personnel from our production partners and our independent auditors (KIWA Agri-Food) are committed to participating in […]

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Pain management trials – an update

You may remember that last month we featured one of our industry partners, Medical Ethics Pty Ltd. They have recently completed a number of studies for their Tri-Solfen® anaesthetic and analgesia product. The objective being to verify the safety and efficacy in mitigating pain during and after piglet castration. We spoke to Allan Giffard, Managing […]

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Production partner focus – Italy

We work with a large number of European production partners and in each newsletter we will highlight one of our welfare partners. This time it’s the turn of Italian partner, Citterio. Winterbotham Darby and Citterio have now been working together since 2007 and in that time have developed a fantastic partnership approach. They have a […]

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Free farrowing – a case study

The majority of sows reared in indoor, commercial pig production farms farrow their piglets in crates. Farrowing crates were originally introduced to reduce the risk of sows crushing their piglets, by limiting the sow’s movement, particularly as they lie down. However farrowing crates raise serious animal welfare concerns, as they limit the most basic behaviours of […]

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Medical Ethics

As part of our focus on the Winterbotham Darby European Farm Partnership, we caught up with Charles ‘Chick’ Olsson, co-founder of Medical Ethics, to find out more about what they do and why they want to be a part of the EFP. We’re an Australian Research and Development company, which was set up in 2005. […]

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