21st February, 2014| News

Winterbotham Darby have helped to develop and launch a range of premium Frozen French Desserts, in conjunction with chef Raymond Blanc. The range, focusing on traditional classic French desserts, comprises of a Cherry Clafoutis, a Chocolate Delice and a Pear and Walnut Dacquoise.

The focus was on achieving top quality frozen desserts at accessible pricing and see Raymond Blanc extending his retail presence. There are a further two lines planned for Christmas 2014 as well as further plans in the pipeline.

All three lines evoke wonderful memories for Raymond who first experienced these desserts as a child in France. The packaging also contains top tips from Raymond on how to best serve the desserts for maximum impact and wow factor at home.

In Raymond’s words:

“I LOVE desserts. I mean, I really, really love them. I’ve always felt that I had the soul of a pâtissier. I love the extraordinary magic that’s part of pastry and desserts. It is that love that compelled me to create these desserts. And I promise you will find they have best tastes and textures.”

Raymond Blanc french desserts

Cherry Clafoutis
As far as French desserts go, this is a family classic. Vanilla infused batter baked with whole Griotte cherries – a delicious and comforting dessert for you to bake at home. To add some flair, dust with icing sugar and serve with toasted almonds. “My mother would make this beautiful dessert. It was a family favourite and the cherries come from an ancient tree in the Blanc garden. It’s easy and fun, and bakes in about half an hour. One mouthful and I’m back in Maman’s busy, little kitchen in Besançon…”

Chocolate Delice
This dessert is a truly indulgent treat. A rich, dark chocolate ganache on a crunchy hazelnut base, finished with caramelized cocoa pieces. It’s perfect to serve at a dinner party and as it is so rich even a little slice will do. The Delice is so lovely it needs no accompaniment. Just serve straight from the fridge. “My Delice is mood food. If I’m feeling good I cut myself a little slice. If I’m feeling really good I cut myself two little slices. I keep the slices thin because un petit peu goes a long way. It’s an elegant, decadent dessert. The true chocolate experience!”

Pear and Walnut Dacquoise
Made using delicious Williams pear pieces and walnut cream this Dacquoise is a light and airy treat. Layered with a traditional Dacquoise biscuit sponge and creamy filling it offers the perfect mix of flavour and texture. Serve thin slices with Raymond’s ginger crème Anglaise for a superb finish. “The Dacquoise is a heavenly, light contrast of tastes and textures. In my childhood I’d gather pears from my grandfather’s orchard. We used these in my grandmother’s much-loved Dacquoise. But I must tell you, lots of the fruit went into grand-père’s lethal pear brandy! I adore Dacquoise chilled, straight from the fridge.”

All three french desserts launch into Waitrose and Ocado and the Chocolate Delice and Cherry Clafoutis into Sainsbury’s.