24th March, 2014| News

As a business we don’t simply import products. We work together with producers or ‘production partners’, as we call them. We ensure that all the facilities meet British Retail Consortium (BRC) standards, as well as the high standards set by retailers. We work alongside them to ensure recipes and ingredients fit with a retailer’s brand standards. A true partnership.

Last year we sourced tomatoes for a project we’re working on and a year later, we’ve been back to visit, just in time for harvest, to South America. But why South America you may ask?

Well, although a household staple now, the tomato actually originated in South America and spread throughout the world after the Spanish colonised the Americas. It wasn’t grown in England until the 1590’s so we’re relative newcomers to it.

We wanted to go ‘back to the roots’ of the tomatoes for one of our ranges. So that’s how come Tibisai and Marco from our Product Development and Technical teams, ended up in Santiago, Chile for 10 days. As part of their food sourcing mission, they were there to meet the grower, the men and women who work in the fields and oversee the process. They also spent some time looking travelling around to look for new products and flavour combinations – to inspire the team to expand the range. And of course, document some

We’ll be telling you more about the products soon, but for now we wanted to share some of the photos and video from their trip.

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