20th January, 2016| News

At the start of each year, we like to cast our eye over what is in store for the food industry, so here’s our run down on the hottest food trends for 2016.

Clean Food

There have been plenty of media scares surrounding processed foods and the dangers of eating them. As a result, we have seen an increasing demand for transparency on what exactly a product contains and the way in which it is produced, as well as for ‘natural’ products and ingredients. Whilst organic has shown some signs of resurgence, fresh and free from additives have been the key messages.

Table for One

More consumers now eat at least the occasional meal alone and the number of single-person households across age groups has also increased. Solo dining requires appropriate product sizes or portioning for convenience and minimal wastage, meaning that customers are looking for products that will satisfy this criteria and also promotions relevant to solo dining.

Protein Shift

Across Europe, protein is going up the health agenda. We have seen growth in meat snacking lines and our leaner meat products. The form of the protein is also important, as meat consumption is decreasing in many European countries. With UK Food Policy academics saying that we need to eat less meat, we expect to see an increase in the presence and popularity of products that provide a meat-free solution to getting enough protein. Fish protein may also have an increasing role to play.

Free-from Frenzy

The UK Free-from market was worth £365m in 2014, and is forecast to grow a further 50% by 2019 (Mintel 2015) so this trend is here to stay. The increase is largely driven by Millennials (16-34 year olds), 40% of whom claim to avoid gluten or dairy. The main barrier for consumers is that eating free-from foods can be expensive, but there are also concerns about the taste and enjoyment of free-from food.

True Responsibility & Morality

People are increasingly looking for brands and products which actively ‘do good’. Rather than just operating ethically, which is now expected as standard, consumers want their hard-earned money to go further, towards charitable events and initiatives and towards building communities.

 Winterbotham Darby has industry-leading insight and innovation teams. We launched over 150 product lines in 2015 and we have an exciting pipeline of innovation for 2016 and beyond. If you’re a prospective customer interested in working with us on any of the trends talked about above, please do get in touch.