9th May, 2016| News

Do you know your Leccino from your Gaeta?

Here at Winterbotham Darby, we’re keen to share our knowledge and passion for olives with the world. Having introduced chilled olives and antipasti to the UK consumer back in the 1990s we continue to lead the way with our innovative dressings, mixes and packaging formats.

We work with over 33 olive production partners, in France, Italy, Spain, Italy, Chile, Turkey, Morocco and Greece producing over 9.2 million kg of olives each year for the UK and Eurpoean market. So importantly, traceability is at the heart of what we do, with allocated or ‘ring-fenced’ olive groves for specific retailers. It’s not just about supply though, we also run ‘masterclasses’ for our customers giving them an insight into how olives are grown, harvested, processed and mixed.

There are hundreds of olive types or varietal’, many of which are pressed for olive oil. In our handy olive infographic you can find out more about a few of the best olives for eating. We’ve even given some handy tips on how you could eat them! You can also view this on our Olives & antipasti product page in more detail

Below is what our olive guide looks like, so to become an olive connoisseur…download a copy