Driving profitability for our customers

Our customers are unique and so is our service. What is universal though is the requirement for a successful product or category. This is why we offer an exceptional insight and category management service that not only identifies what consumers want, but also, once the products are in store, how they are performing.

Why we're different


from start to finish

When we say unique, we mean unique. Not only are we a market leader (we created the UK chilled olives and chorizo categories) and supplier to all the leading UK retailers, but our in-depth market research and data analysis also bring to the table a true understanding both of consumer trends and which products best suit each particular customer in each particular location.

Customer insight and market research Image

Customer insight and market research

We understand what consumers want and know how best to deliver it either in-store or to the foodservice sector.

Product development sourcing Image

Product development sourcing

To meet consumer needs we identify our most appropriate site to provide the best product.

Technical & site development  Image

Technical & site development

The team tests, audits and manages production processes, which increases efficiency. Database mapping of all our production sites ensures complete traceability from source – i.e. farm or grove – through production and manufacture to customer.

Supply planning  Image

Supply planning

Working closely with, or even within, an organisation, ensures effective communication and collaboration. In addition, data sourcing – including weather, customer and marketing data – ensures high forecast accuracy, minimising wastage in store.

Logistics set-up Image

Logistics set-up

Low-cost logistics due to our consolidated Europe-wide transport system across c.123 production sites

Category management  Image

Category management

We are constantly working to grow categories by gaining a greater understanding of consumers, their barriers to purchase in specific categories and how we can increase customer penetration and spend per shopper.

Marketing & PR  Image

Marketing & PR

An integral part of the production cycle, our marketing and PR activity comprises: the design and development of our brands; social and digital marketing; consumer and industry education and PR.