Market Overview

The rise in plant based eating or flexitarian approaches to meal times has increased rapidly since 2017. Veganuary, the charity encouraging people to try a vegan diet in January has seen an incredible uplift in participants. 59,500 individuals signed up in 2017 compared to 168,500 in 2018.

More and more people are choosing a plant based diet for ethical, environmental and health reasons.

We believe in the longevity of the category and are passionate about our role in improving taste, quality, variety and sourcing.

Working with existing brands

We help existing brands bring their plant-based products to the UK market. With expertise in marketing insight, technical science and our strong relationships with retailers we have brought world leading innovation into the plant- based arena.

Recent launches include the Vivera Veggie Steak into Tesco supermarkets. A first-to-market product that gained national press coverage and cemented Vivera as a key brand for the UK plant based community.

Plant based brands

About the brand

Our partnership with Vivera – an established vegan and vegetarian brand based in the Netherlands – has seen its products rapidly becoming some of the most popular plant-based items in the UK.

Vivera focuses on plant-based meat with best-in-category taste and texture while also delivering:

Protein – Vivera mince is higher in protein than beef mince
Sustainability – made using sustainable soya
Innovation – in September 2019, Vivera’s Veggie Quarter Pounder was voted ‘Best Meaty Mimic’ by Healthy Food Guide at their Best of Health Awards

Products in the range

100% plant-based Steak, Raw Quarter-Pounder, Burgers, Mince, Pulled Veggie, Fish Fillet and Fingers, Chicken Pieces and Shawarma Kebab

Where to buy

Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Waitrose, Ocado, Morrisons.
And via our Foodservice team.

About the brand

Wildly delicious plants

Modern plant-based brand focussing on health, taste and convenience. Jinja will represent an alternative to more processed competitors, with clean ingredient decks and dense nutrition.
• Taste great – products you will love to eat regardless of your diet
• Looks like it tastes – every product is colourful and appetising

Squeaky Bean

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About the brand

100% Dirty Vegan

A new vegan brand contrasting with the traditional ‘squeaky clean’ image of veganism and plant based food
• For people who are bored with mainstream plant based brands
• Vegans want to indulge too – increasing number of ‘dirty vegan’ pop-ups
• Quick, no nonsense, tasty food
• NPD looking towards nostalgic favourites from childhood

Products in the range

Fishless Fingers, Satay Kiev and Nuggets

Where to buy

Holland & Barrett, Ocado, Asda, Sainsburys