28th July, 2017| News

Winterbotham Darby are extremely proud to announce, for the second year running, Good Pig Awards in conjunction with two of their European supply partners – Marcos and Madeo.

These prestigious accolades were presented recently at the Compassion in World FarmingGood Farm Animal Welfare Awards’ in London, hosted by Environmental Journalist and broadcaster, Lucy Siegle. The awards celebrate the commitment of leading food businesses to improve animal welfare standards.

Good Pig Award

The Good Pig Award recognises the commitment which Winterbotham Darby’s Spanish and Italian producers, respectively Marcos and Madeo, have shown towards improving standards in pig welfare. To achieve these producers have been able to demonstrate their commitment to meet Compassion’s welfare requirements:

  • no mutilation (teeth clipping, tail docking or castration
  • a good living environment (light, stimulation and straw to root and nest)
  • a lack of confinement (for stalls and farrowing).

Having worked closely with both of these producers for a number of years, the Winterbotham Darby Farm Partnership Scheme (unique in Europe) has enabled a close working relationship and the ability to make significant changes to the living environments of pigs, far exceeding standard EU regulations.
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Leading the way in Europe

For Marcos, not only is this award a first in Spain, they are developing and improving traditional processes to better the welfare and quality of life of the animals, which they believe have a direct impact on the quality of the finished product in addition to the sustainability and environmental benefits.

Dr Tracey Jones, Director of Food Business at Compassion in World Farming said:

“Winterbotham Darby’s influence is continuing to raise the bar for pig welfare across Europe and enabling UK retailers and other companies to commit to higher welfare standards for their speciality cured hams, sausage and charcuterie. Our roadmap for improvement has shown promising results, especially from our Italian and Spanish producers – Fumagalli, Madeo and Marcos – who have all received Good Pig Awards and are leading the way on loose housing-farrowing in their countries.
The huge investment and commitment by Winterbotham Darby and their European producers has been fundamental in driving welfare improvements in countries not generally known for their higher welfare standards. Their work is a major step forward for pig welfare in Europe and is likely to turn the tide for other pig producers to follow suit.”

David Houghton, Technical Director at Winterbotham Darby comments:

“We are really proud of our Spanish and Italian farmers and it is fantastic for all concerned to be recognised by CIWF with two Good Pig Awards. Winterbotham Darby’s leadership in Europe is significantly improving farm animal welfare and demonstrating what was thought to be impossible possible; through collaboration, scientific research and long term commitment to our farmers”.

During the award ceremony a total of 68 award winners were recognised, including their main awards for hens, broilers, dairy cattle, pigs and rabbits, the Chinese Producer Awards, the 2017 Retailer Awards and new for this year, the Cage Free Award winners.

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