25th January, 2019| News

The meat free market continues to grow with more and more consumers buying into the category, buying more frequently and also spending more on their plant-based purchases. These changes have made the meat-free market an exciting area to work in. Part of that movement has been the introduction of Vivera into UK retailers. A Dutch born brand that has achieved great success through their innovation in meat replacement, producing outstanding tastes and textures across their range.

We’re proud of the work we have done with Vivera in the UK to make plant-based food more accessible and more tasty. This work continues with the launch of Squeaky Bean – a dirty vegan brand that will challenge squeaky clean perceptions of veganism. We hope it will encourage even more people to make a swap from meat, as well as providing a delightfully dirty option for those who are already have a plant-based diet.

“We wanted to recreate those childhood favourites and give people the choice to eat something more indulgent, foods that you can wrap, bap or just attack” said Sarah Augustine, the co-creator of Squeaky Bean. “We’ve created an exciting brand to sit away from the rest by giving consumers something that’s messy but not necessarily basic.”

The packaging is bold with bean covered boxes and ketchup art characters making a statement in the plant-based fixture. You’ll find plenty of puns and punchy one liners (no chicken, no cry) to get your paws on too. This brand is going make you smile – as well as taste great!

No chicken no cry - squeaky bean

Winterbotham Darby believe in the long term future of plant-based food. So it makes sense to apply our expertise in category management, supply chains and technical support to this fast growing and relevant area. Contact us to talk about how our plant-based range and experience can accelerate the growth of your business.

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Squeaky Bean launches in Asda on January 28th with three lines: Satay Kiev, Nuggets and Fishless Fingers. With thanks to Vivera, Asda and our long standing design partners IKON.

If you want to follow the brand, share your vegan tips or give us feedback on the products, see our social media: @squeakybeanveg, facebook: squeakybeanveg, or Instagram: squeakybeanveg