24th January, 2020| News

About a year ago our  plant-based brand, Squeaky Bean, made its first appearance in supermarkets. Pitched as a ‘dirty’ vegan brand it was set to shake up the dull and predictable packs lining the meat-free section. The best cornflake-coated Nuggets, oozing Satay Kiev and Fishless Fingers consumers had tasted turned some heads. With branding that stood out in the category, it was clear that Squeaky Bean had found a following in those looking for indulgence and excitement!

original squeaky bean packs
The original Squeaky Bean

But not prepared to sit on our laurels we wanted to move forward with our plant-based offering. Cue some intense NDP and technical meetings and sessions and fast forward to January 2020 and THE BEAN IS BACK with new products, new branding and a mission to bring ‘tasty’ to the meat-reducing masses.

We knew from the beginning that we wanted Squeaky Bean to break stereotypes, but it was time to broaden our offering from ‘dirty’ to straight up ‘TASTY’. So to market this message we worked with international design agency, JKR, to unleash that tasty and help people find plant-based food that cures the cravings.

This January our most innovative product hit Sainsbury’s shelves – Ready-to-Eat Chicken Style pieces in two flavours:

  • Sweet Smokey BBQ
  • Kick of Tikka

Innovation and commitment to sustainability was front of mind for our packaging too as the card tray contains 80% less plastic than an equivalent plastic tray.

“This is seriously good. Well done and on the packaging.” @manchestermich

Great taste and texture

We believe we’ve created a product that not only tastes good but also stands out with a unique USP to be the best chicken mimic

“Super impressive. Had to double check the packet to make sure I hadn’t picked up real chicken by mistake” @v_gan89.

We’ve also worked to develop the texture and shape of the pieces to not only make it look more similar to actual chicken pieces, but also to make it feel like chicken when you eat them. On that score we think we’ve got that right, so do the brands’ followers.

“Had this today in a toasted baguette. OH MY GOODNESS AMAZING. Flavour and texture are perfect” @veganfortwouk


We’ve also left out some of the ‘nasties’ that can be found in vegan meat substitutes so we’ve got no methylcellulose, used for structure, or titanium dioxide, which is commonly used to make the product look white.


Made from pea-protein, this ‘complete’ protein contains all the amino acids the body needs and with more than 20g of protein, per 100g, our products are perfect for those looking for their protein fix.  These tasty pieces are also low in saturated fat.

The sweet smell of success

But a ready-to-eat vegan range wasn’t the only gap that needed filling. When Squeaky launched as dirty vegan in early 2019 we saw the growing desire for sweet plant-based treats. So in December 2019, our Fluffy, American Style and Sweet Pancakes came to the rescue in Waitrose.

Squeaky Bean pancakes packs

What next…

To quote the Squeaky Bean brand and development team “With Squeaky Bean as your sidekick in the kitchen plant-based food has never been tastier. We’re looking for the gaps in your fridge so we can make plant-based even easier. There’s plenty more to come… “

So watch this space…..