Animal welfare

European Farm Partners working with farmers

We take a farm partnership approach to unite the whole supply chain – from farmer and producer to customer – with the same vision and long-term commitment from all parties. This means that we ring fence farms and slaughterhouses so that animals are guaranteed for our use from the start of their life. This has now been developed and implemented across Spain, Italy, Belgium, and France. We are dedicated to improving animal welfare, and we stand committed – long-term – to the following:

Improving animal welfare

Minimising confinement

Minimising confinement

Reducing surgical procedures

Reducing surgical procedures

Improving their environment

Improving their environment

Increasing living space

Increasing living space

European Farm Partnership - UKAS accreditation

Underpinning animal welfare development has been our European Farm Partnership (EFP) scheme. This has been the driving force in delivering significant advances in farm animal welfare. Uniquely it brings together farmers and partners to share knowledge, learning and the latest industry technology and developments.

Having gained UK accreditation for our Pig Module in 2018, we now have the first pan-European UKAS accredited standard for welfare, comprising three tiers: bronze, silver and gold. Farms certified to the gold tier operate to the highest welfare standards in Europe.

Our Pig Module is unique in that it covers the entire element of the supply chain from breeding (freedom farrowing, space etc.) to rearing, finishing, transport and slaughter. The standard also takes into account health and welfare issues.

Animal welfare timeline

Our timeline shows how we have launched farm assurance and pig welfare schemes across Europe since 1999. Our schemes were years ahead of the 2013 enforcement of the partial ban on sow stalls.

  • 2000

    Implementation starts

  • 2002

    First-to-market own-label pig welfare scheme launched

  • 2004

    Version 1 – Continental Pig Scheme across Europe

  • 2006

    Launch of supply chain management system

  • 2007

    Commence Spanish welfare schemes and launch Spanish welfare in the UK

  • 2011

    Commence French welfare schemes

  • 2012

    Engage with Compassion in World Farming

  • 2015

    Awarded Good Sow Commendation – Italy

  • 2016

    Win Good Pig Award – Italy Good Sow Commendation – Spain

  • 2017

    Win Good Pig award – Italy & Spain

  • 2018

    – Presented with CIWF Special Recognition Award
    – EFP UKAS Pig Module accreditation

  • 2020

    Win Good Sow Commendation – France

  • 2021

    EFP UKAS Pig Module v2 available

Welfare awards

Since 2012 we have been working alongside COMPASSION IN WORLD FARMING (CIWF), an organisation passionate about ensuring farm animals lead better lives.

Our work with CIWF has introduced industry-leading animal welfare standards for our farmers’ pigs including:

  • Considerably more space for each pig
  • Larger breeding facilities for each sow
  • Free farrowing
  • No pigs are subjected to tail docking or teeth clipping

With these practices in place, we are delighted to report that our partners have won many awards.

David Houghton receives the Winterbotham Darby Special Recognition Award from CIWF in 2018

Good Sow Commendation
Good Sow Commendation

2015 – Fumagalli, Italy

2016 – Madeo, Italy (Black pigs), Marcos, Spain (Iberico pigs)

Good Pig Award
Good Pig Award

The Good Pig Award recognises the work we carried out with Fumagalli for breeding sows and meat pigs. Throughout the partnership we have been able to address the major issues of confinement, mutilation and a lack of stimulating environment.

2016 – Fumagalli, Italy (Waitrose Italian Cured Meats)

2017 – Madeo, Italy and Marcos, Spain

Special Recognition Award
Special Recognition Award

In June 2018, we received a Special Recognition Award at the Compassion in World Farming (CIWF) Good Farm Animal Welfare Awards. The award recognises companies that demonstrate outstanding innovation, commitment or achievement in a particular area of farm animal welfare.

Animal health and welfare day

In 2016 we co-hosted our first animal welfare event – dedicated to the sharing of methods, technology, and programmes at the forefront of animal welfare in the food industry.

This now annual event, sees industry experts and renowned academics discussing a range of topical subjects. The day also provides a great opportunity to showcase a range of collaborative opportunities between industry and academia, with a cross-species agenda.
The attendance list spans UK retailers: agricultural and technical teams, Winterbotham Darby production partners, individuals from leading animal welfare charities, and industry specialists.

See our 2020 welfare day presentations here

2020 animal health and welfare event

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