25th July, 2013| News

We all like eat according to the seasons. When it’s cold we want filling, comfort food and when it’s hot we want salads and light dishes. July, according to BBC Weather, was the only prolonged period of hot weather since 2006.

Interestingly market statistics show that consumers were turning to olives to while away alfresco afternoons and balmy evenings in gardens, parks and on terraces.  This July and August retailers saw olive sales reach £16m and the olive category saw a growth of 50%, compared to the same time period last year.

Perhaps adopting a Mediterranean way of life, shoppers are broadening their palettes as the market has seen over 300,000 new shoppers – a statistic we fully support.  A diet of fish, fresh fruit and vegetables and oils from vegetables and plants (such as from olives) has been associated with a healthier heart and a longer life.