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Providing tailored solutions for retailers is what we excel at – whether it’s through our category management and insight, technical support, manufacturing, development expertise or warehouse and logistics.

Effective end-to-end supply chain management is also critical to the success of any successful relationship.



In February 2020 we began to see the spread of COVID across Europe and its subsequent impact. This posed a challenge for our continental meat supply on two fronts: Firstly the potential impact on supply coming from countries where lockdown was already in place. And secondly, the impact that lockdown would have with regards to customer buying habits. Announced ahead of the UK, Ireland’s lockdown gave us some insight into emerging consumer behaviours showing bulk buying and an uplift of certain lines.


Our technical and supply teams took on the daily calls to over 100 supply partner locations to understand what was happening regionally and also what mitigation they were putting in place to ensure consistency of supply.
We also spoke to our customers and got commitment to increase buffers of specific lines (ingredients, sliced meats), meaning we could deal with increased consumer demand and ensure consistency of supply in case of transport issues. And if there were closures, we would have stock to bridge that gap.
Six of our main hauliers were also updating us with their challenges, so we could re-route depending on where there was regional impact. As a result, some of our products were moved by sea, as some roads were closed due to regional lockdowns.


As a result of these close customer relationships we were able to remain on top of what was happening, manage the surge in demand, and transfer it into supply planning, resulting in an uplift in sales.
Remote working technologies played an enormous role in our ability to continue to work. However the benefit of the daily calls cannot be underestimated. Keeping close to our supply partners and customers was so essential and, as a result, we have built even stronger working relationships.


Our foodservice division offers high-quality olives and antipasti, continental meats and plant-based food solutions across all aspects of the eating out arena. Our knowledge of the marketplace ensures we are always ahead of the trends and able to offer new and innovative product lines.



As the country went into lockdown the majority of Vegetarian Express’ foodservice customers shut down. Like many Foodservice operators, whose route to market had disappeared over night, they decided to rapidly bring forward longer-term plans to launch a direct-to-consumer proposition. With consumers struggling to get retail delivery slots, plus retailers range rationalising, they also wanted to support consumers who were struggling to access plant-based products.
Although Vegetarian Express has huge experience within foodservice, the consumer-facing sector was foreign to them. How would they get their message out to the consumer?


They came to us with the dilemma and asked how we could help. Keen to add value we took the challenge to our plant-based PR agency who was able to utilise it’s network of journalists to generate interest in the new service.

As a result, and for no additional cost to Vegetarian Express, the new offering was featured in Vegconomist, Vegetarian Recipe, Evening Standard, Food Manufacture, Veganuary, Merton College, Forbes, The Telegraph. This news reached over 20.2 plant-based consumers.


This project built on the strong collaborative relationship we have with Vegetarian Express by effectively ‘lending’ them some of our marketing and PR resources. Not only did we support them at a challenging time, but also helped launch them into a new channel of home delivery. They have since gone on to work directly with the PR agency for future opportunities.

Subsequent marketing activity has headlined another of our plant-based brands at no cost to us.

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We supply into both large and small independent manufacturers. While our key focus is on own-label approved raw materials and animal welfare, we also have a large base of ingredients suitable for most manufacturing needs.



One of our manufacturing customers, using our Spanish chorizo in sandwiches, was carrying out a pasteurisation process on the raw material to ensure a zero listeria reading. Whilst ensuring technical adherence, it was affecting the taste and quality of the product.
We decided to trial high pressure processing (HPP) to reduce the need to pasteurise. Therefore, we challenged our Spanish partner, to be able to provide HPP-ready products.


We were both new to this process and so our partner came to the UK to visit another HPP site to learn more. It was a steep learning curve to trial the new process. Teething issues and challenges included correct weight formats and adaptations to packaging that was either being damaged or didn’t fit into the baskets that went into the HPP unit.
Trials took place at multiple sites and involved many visits back and forth, across a 4-month process.
However, we discovered that the HPP was providing the results we wanted with zero listeria readings for our manufacturer.


The project was a win/win for both. Our supply partner learnt about a new manufacturing process, allowing them to strengthen their capability. We were able to future proof our end-customer business – also providing an excellent example of our flexibility and willingness to find the right solution, with the right partner.
In addition, we have seen that the process doesn’t affect organoleptic properties and can also expand the life of some products – which could be useful for other customers

B2B Testimonials


We work with over 135 different supply partners across Europe. These can range from small artisan producers to artichoke growers to large European farming groups.

Maintaining strong relationships and regular communication is key to successful relationships, as well as the support we offer with regards to NPD, development, technical support, and logistics provision.



We received a brief from a premium retailer, who were looking to re-design their premium tier continental meat range. The products in the range had to meet the specific criteria: A great provenance story, artisanal production, or an historical recipe.


One of our French partner sites had a walnut saucisson which we loved. We wanted to make the recipe extra special, so we worked with them to adapt it- switching to higher welfare raw material encased in a natural casing. We also challenged them to produce a smaller 180g pack weight. They rose to the challenge and consistently produced a perfect premium tier product.


Working with the partner site enabled us to provide something different and bespoke to our customer. Our partner was prepared to adapt a product to create something with a unique and artisanal feel. Meeting the high standards expected of a UK retailer and delivering a higher welfare product is an even bigger bonus.

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#fishlessfriday anyone? Throwback to the @squeakybeanveg February takeover when Sam @nomeatdisco created a loaded fishless finger sarnie stuffed full of mushy peas, tartare sauce & chunky wedges. Immense, quick, easy and absolutely delicious. Go tuck into tasty...😋 🌱 ...

We really cherish our long-standing relationship with international charity @actionagainsthungeruk. We donate 1p for every pack of @foodsunearthed products sold and amazingly, all those pennies we've been collecting since 2010 have now totalled £854,000! This helps them with their incredible work saving the lives of malnourished children and supporting their families beat hunger. To read more about them, click the link in our bio ...

In true British style #nationalpicniweek hasn't quite delivered on the weather ☔ . But ANY kind of picnic counts so even an indoor carpet picnic works for us. Of course, no such event is complete without a quiche, so here's ours - with our hugely popular semi-dried tomatoes and olives. We love how versatile they both are. Happy picnic-ing (and come on please sun) 😎 ...

We first bought chorizo to the UK in 1990 and it's still so popular 31 years later! Whatever the weather this Spanish favourite is amazing in a range of dishes. It certainly doesn't disappoint in this delicious potato and chorizo hash with some delicious runny eggs nestled on the top. Breakfast or lunch, you decide. What's your favourite chorizo dish? ...

Although nothing compares to seeing photographs hanging in a gallery , this 'virtual' exhibition of the 2021 @foodphotoaward is a close second. It gives a taster of what is to come in November when an exhibition of this year's finalists goes live at @royalphotographicsociety. Click on the link in our bio and take a wander round - not forgetting to check out Winterbotham Darby Food For Sale, obviously. ...

If you're in this weekend (and let's face it - most of us are) then why take a foodie trip with @marksandspencer's Italian night family dine in. Call us biased but we love the 'Nduja Meatballs with Pappardelle which is a dish in the deal. *whispers* It might be something to do with the fact that the 'nduja is one of our favourite products. And that we supply it through our foodservice team. But, despite our bias it really is a star in our range of Italian continental products and that's what we're about - delivering fresh and flavourful products. ...

🏆 Congrats to @smithfoto59 🏆 - winner of our Food For Sale category at last night's @foodphotoaward with his image Street Vendor. 📸 A gorgeous picture with beautiful tones. We can't but marvel at the ingenuity of the woman's stall made out of a pram - perfect for mobile sales.
We love this category as it's so close to our hearts (being in the business of selling food ourselves) and echoes our passion for delivering happiness through food.
To see all of the finalist images across the awards click the link in our bio ☝️

Delighted, once again to be part of the @foodphotoaward and to sponsor the Food For Sale category. Good luck to all the shortlisted photographers and filmmakers. We'll be watching with our fingers crossed for you all later

It’s finally here!
Join us this evening 20:00BST on @youtube to celebrate the @foodphotoaward Awards hosted by @fred_sirieix
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We've been friends with Spanish continental meats since 1992 when we first introduced them to the UK market. They've gone from strength to strength becoming a firm favourite with many shoppers. Today it's a brunch of dreams featuring Spanish chistorra, tomatoes, cubed potatoes and eggs. One pan, MAXIMUM flavour and minimal washing up. What's your brunch favourite? ...

#Fact - in one single day this week, we produced a record-breaking 213,000 pots of olives and antipasti. So it's official, the British consumer loves olives! Are you a lover or a hater? ...

We're big fans of the med diet and the tomato is so integral to that. So today we're closing our eyes, opening a pot of @foodsunearthed slow roasted tomatoes and savouring the memories of being somewhere warm and sunny. Extremely versatile, they can be enjoyed straight out of the pot, or are great as an ingredient - just like in these cous-cous and roasted tomato stuffed peppers. How do you prefer to eat yours? ...

📣 If you're vegan, a flexitarian or just like tasty food - then this is one for you. New ready-to-eat @squeakybeanveg Chargrilled🔥 Cajun Mini Fillets. No messing around. The taste and texture are a game changer. Well done to the plant-based team for creating something magical - now available in 200 @asda stores ...

Happy day of chocolate 🍫 . Celebrate with pimped up pancakes plus a drizzle of chocolate sauce and fruit. Oh and to top it off we added cream. But this isn't just any old pancake stack - it's a VEGAN stack (check out our very own @squeakybeanveg) as it's all plant-based on here. Enjoy your day and tell us what you're eating? ...

With a long weekend ahead of us, we can take it easy right? More time for lazy mornings which means a nice brunch. We've made ours with smoked brunswick ham, but you could add prosciutto, parma or speck for a touch of decandce. Add tea, coffee or juice and RELAX 🍳 ☕ ...

🐟 If you love fish then this is one for you - pan fried cod with roasted vegetables, rosemary roasted potatoes and sliced chorizo. Chorizo is one of our most popular continental meat products. Many years on after we first launched it to the UK retail market consumers love it just as much as they always have done. What's your favourite way to eat chorizo? happy Friday 🐟 ...

📣 The long awaited shortlist for the @foodphotoaward is now live!! 📷 This year has seen a bumper crop of gorgeously creative entries. We're delighted to see what's in our 'Food For Sale' category. So grab a drink, click above and scroll through to see what gorgeous images have been shortlisted. Is one of yours on there - let us know? Click the link in our bio to go straight to our 'Food for Sale' category ⬆️ ...

We understand consumers and we know that on shelf appeal and pack stand-out is so important. After research and trial, our @foodsunearthed brand have re-designed their packs using stronger, eye catching use of colour and a disruptive use of pattern (we love that nod to the Med too). Look out for new olive packs in @waitrose and @ocadouk. What's your favourite? ...

It's might be #BritishPieWeek but we think it's perfectly acceptable to add a little continental twist. Our pancetta, either smoked or unsmoked, is great to add to add flavour. Just like in this chicken & mushroom pie. The ultimate in comfort, made with authentic ingredients. We deliver happiness through food. What's your favourite pie? ...

Today is National Pig Day. Our welfare journey began in 2000 & since then we've been improving the welfare of pigs by working with @CIWF

We're committed to the following: + considerably more space for each pig + larger breeding facilities for each sow + free farrowing and +no pigs subjected to tail docking or teeth clipping.

These commitments have led to us, along with some of closest farming partners, to win awards and achieve what was considered 'impossible' in Europe. We thank them all for their dedication and pledge to continue the work with them.