25th June, 2015| News

Winterbotham Darby, alongside one of their key production parters and Waitrose, have had their commitment to the welfare of meat sows in Italy recognised by Compassion in World Farming.

The team at Winterbotham Darby receive their commendation (above) alongside

The Compassion in World Farming awards, saw 41 awards presented across a range of categories: the Retailer Awards, the Good Egg Award, the Good Chicken Award, the Good Dairy Award, the Good Pig Award, the Good Rabbit Award  – with almost 15 million farm animals set to benefit each year from the winners’ higher welfare policies. Of the 41 awards, five of them were presented to retailers and manufacturers from across the world, for their commitment to improve the lives of meat pigs and sows.

Compassion awarded a Good Sow Commendation, recognising the commitment to improving the welfare of sows. It acknowledges the management of the whole supply chain from the genetics of the animals to the finished product.

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Dr Tracey Jones, Director of Food Business at Compassion in World Farming said:

“Every year I am so impressed by the commitment and drive of our Award winners to make genuine improvements to the lives of millions of farm animals. However, it also serves to remind me that there is still a huge amount of work to be done before a true market shift towards higher welfare food takes place. I’m confident the higher welfare message is spreading globally as more and more businesses realise that there is not just an ethical imperative to address farm animal welfare but a commercial one too.”