1st July, 2016| News

We are absolutely delighted that one of our Italian production partners has, with our collaboration, been awarded the Good Pig Award 2016 by Compassion in World Farming. This is in recognition of the 5 years of work which has been carried out to raise standards for pig welfare at their farms.Compassion in World Farming Good Pig Award 2016

This award is a first within mainland Europe and Italy. Traditionally, animal welfare standards for continental meat have lagged behind those of British meats. However, by working in partnership, the industry-leading developments on the farm provide far more space for each pig than EU legislation. Each sow will also now have larger breeding facilities including free farrowing and no pigs will be subjected to tail docking or teeth clipping.

Fumagalli, a producer of charcuterie since 1920, control the whole production process from breeding to curing to exclusively produce Waitrose’s Italian meats such as prosciutto, parma ham and pancetta.

Heather Jenkins, Waitrose Agriculture Director, says: “A true focus on animal welfare is a key point of difference for Waitrose and we’re proud that our long-term partnership with Winterbotham Darby has resulted in achieving the Good Pig Award.”

The Compassion in World Farming Awards recognise and reward producers, manufacturers, food service companies, retailers and public bodies for working in a sustainable and responsible way. Tracey Jones, Director of Food Business at Compassion says:

“Fumagalli’s Good Pig Award demonstrates how an ethical retailer like Waitrose, through its supplier Winterbotham Darby, can really drive improvements in countries not generally known for their higher welfare standards.  Waitrose are the first retailer in the UK to ensure such high welfare standards for pigs extend beyond their fresh pork, bacon and sausages into continental, speciality cured meats. They are a true leader in farm animal welfare in the UK, and their ethical reach is really starting to effect positive change across Europe.”

Compassion in World Farming Good Sow Commendation 2016David Houghton, Technical Director at Winterbotham Darby, says:

“We have been working with our Italian farmers for over fifteen years, building long term sustainable partnerships which has enabled this big step forward, and we are committed to achieving the Good Pig Award in each of the countries we supply product to Waitrose.”

Following the development of these high welfare standards in Italy, we’ve also won The Good Sow Recommendation with our Italian Calabrian Salami partner and also (another first) our Spanish Iberico Supplier. We’re now implementing the same standards for continental meat across Spain, France and Belgium.