25th June, 2020| Animal Welfare

We are extremely proud to announce a Good Sow Commendation in conjunction with our French supply partners, SACOR, for their Bastides Selection. This award – our sixth – recognises the work that has been carried out with French farmers to improve the welfare of sows. This prestigious accolade was awarded as part of the Compassion in World Farming ‘Good Farm Animal Welfare’ Awards. The awards celebrate the commitment of leading food businesses to improve animal welfare standards.

Having worked closely with SACOR for a number of years, our Winterbotham Darby Farm Partnership Scheme (unique in Europe) has enabled a close working relationship and the ability to make significant changes to the living environments of pigs, far exceeding standard EU regulations.
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For SACOR, not only is this award a first in France, they are developing and improving traditional processes to better the welfare and quality of life of the sows, which they believe have a direct impact on the quality of the finished product in addition to the environmental benefits.

Nicolas Tournois, General Director at Sacor says,

“At SACOR we are very passionate about producing the best traditional dry sausage, and our family truly believes in the link between quality and welfare. We are really proud to receive the Good Sow Commendation as a confirmation of the fantastic work done with our farmers and Winterbotham Darby for our consumers.”

With two Good Sow Commendations, two Good Pig Awards and a Special Reocognition Award under our belts this is another example of how our continued investment in raising the bar with regards to pig welfare across Europe.

David Houghton, Technical Director at Winterbotham Darby comments:

“We are really proud of our French farmers and it is fantastic for them to be recognised by CIWF with a Good Sow Commendation. Winterbotham Darby’s leadership in Europe is contiunuing to significantly improve farm animal welfare and demonstrating what was thought to be impossible possible; through collaboration, scientific research and long term commitment to our farmers”.

Dr Tracey Jones, Compassion’s Director of Food Business commented:

“Unfortunately, cages, in the form of stalls (in the observation period) and farrowing crates, are still a reality for the vast majority of sows in Europe. It is therefore exciting to see progress being made in France with this latest commitment from the Bastides Selection brand. Winterbotham Darby has made a remarkable contribution over the years to improving pig welfare through its own welfare scheme and through cooperation with its continental meat suppliers. Together, they are eliminating confinement systems and providing sows with more freedom of movement and the opportunity to express maternal behaviours. This year’s Good Sow Commendation for Bastides Selection further extends this work and is testament to the commitment of all in the supply chain to drive improvements.”

Bastides Selection is a brand owned by SACOR, a major player among the dried cured meat producers, founded in 1962, in the very core of Aveyron, in the South-West of France. The range is supplied to Waitrose.

This year, 34 awards were given across the UK, EU, China and the US, set to benefit the lives of 28 million animals each year. This takes the overall impact of Compassion’s Food Business programme to date, through awards, partnership projects and corporate pledges, to over 2 billion animals set to benefit annually For more details about the awards click here