4th December, 2014| News

Green Apple Award 2014We are proud to announce that we have won Gold at the Green Apple Environment Awards*. The accolade, presented in the Food & Drink category, recognises our commitment to sustainability and the environment. The award acknowledges our achievements in the first step of an on-going strategy for continued sustainability.

Speaking about the award, Supply Chain Director Jim Browne says,

Given how recently we’ve started our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) journey, the Green Apple Award is a great recognition not only of the hard work and commitment of the CSR team, but also to the business as a whole. However we’re not going to stop there, we’re currently in the latter stages of the audit process with the Carbon Trust as we aim for wastage reduction certification.

Winterbotham Darby wins Green Apple Award_2
The Winterbotham Darby project team accept their Green Apple award

Green Apple Awards entry

Led by a Sustainability Team at both Redhill and Deli Solutions, project ‘Zero to Landfill’ saw the business stop sending any waste to landfill.

  • All waste is now segregated into recyclable and non-recyclable materials.
  • Packaged food waste, where fit for consumption, is sent to charity or on to anaerobic digestion/energy recovery where this is not possible.
  • All non-recyclable materials are sent to an energy recovery process.

All employees were actively involved in the delivery of the project and it now forms part of the ‘business as usual’ activities.


We make sure that we monitor results continually and this information fuels the ‘reduce, reuse and recycle’ process. Work is on-going to reduce the amount of waste we produce, in particular for food, to make sure our waste streams are as environmentally efficient as possible.

In the first three months of the project (July-September 2014) waste produced by both Redhill and also Deli Solutions was 310 tonnes, all of which was either recycled or recovered. This amount included 46 tonnes of cardboard which, to make it more tangible, is the equivalent to 782 trees!

We celebrated with a green apple for everyone! Here’s to the next three months

* The Green Apple Awards began in 1994 and have become established as the country’s major recognition for environmental endeavour among companies, councils, communities and countries. The awards are organised by The Green Organisation, an independent, non-political, non-activist, non-profit environment group dedicated to recognising, rewarding and promoting environmental best practice around the world.  The awards are supported by the Environment Agency, the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health, the Chartered Institution for Waste Management and other independent bodies.