18th July, 2014| News

We have a strong relationship with local college, East Surrey in Redhill. One area of that partnership has been about supporting students with their studies and helping them to understand how their learning relates to the word of work and business situations.

In April business studies students came in to present back on a marketing project we set them – to design an olive range for the supermarket. Part of their prize was the opportunity to come for a week of work experience with the marketing team.

We were delighted when winner, Duane Adekoya (pictured below), agreed to come in for a weeks’ work experience in the Marketing team. This small team look after all Student Duane Adekoya carrying out his work experience - Winterbotham Darby newselements of marketing for own label and also branded products; PR, brand management, packaging design, corporate identity, social media, digital marketing, category insight and data analysis – so there’s a lot of things for them to share.

Becky Hatherell, in HR, had a chat with him at the end of the week to see what he thought.

How has your work experience been overall?

Really good. I’ve had the opportunity to see how each element of the Marketing team works, through the work that I’ve been given by each of them. Some of the tasks I did for unearthed were difficult, but I liked them, as it wasn’t just straightforward. My final task enabled me to use not just what I had done in the week, but what I have learnt at college as part of my course, about marketing and what commercially a business is looking for; what routes to investigate about a competitor or product.

“I enjoyed the fact that the work given to me wasn’t just generic, but actually contributed to the business.”

What kind of variety did your work involve?

  • Participating in a webinar – a new experience for me – making notes and then discussing with the team afterwards.
  • Social media research – looking at twitter handles, learning about how hashtags are used to target people in certain areas to target our communications and share information with relevant groups
  • Undertaking research for a commercial opportunity
  • Helped prepare hampers for a competition prize
  • Assisted on a photo shoot

“I’ve seen every element of marketing through the week.”

Did you get support and clear instruction on your work?

Yes. Carrie was readily available to answer my questions and I already received feedback from Ian and Stephen on the meetings I joined them on. Towards the end of the week one research task was more vague, but I think that was on purpose to test me! To see what I had learnt after being exposed to the different roles and areas of Marketing.

How has the week helped you in your career aims?

It made me think about what skills and experience other people in the business have and what qualifies them for their roles. And now just marketing, but how they get information from other departments in the business and what is required by them. This has helped me to clarify that I would be really happy to work in Marketing.

“It’s given me a real insight.”

After my work experience and what I’ve seen, I would be really pleased to come back here, to carry out my placement year, if I had the opportunity and applied for it.

Duane is off to Bournemouth University to study Business Studies with Law – we wish him the best of luck and hope to see him back again soon.